The Union of Students in Ireland (USI) is the national representative body for the 354,000 students in third level education on the Island of Ireland.  We are a membership organisation – our members are our affiliated Students’ Unions around Ireland, North and South.


What does USI do?

  • Lobby local and national politicians

  • Campaigning through roadshows, petitions, public meetings and media

  • Mobilising tens of thousands of students through voter registration, information campaigns, and protests

  • Representing students at home and abroad, in all aspects of their academic and college life

What does USI believe in?

  • Access to education is a fundamental right of all people in Ireland

  • Students have a right to a decent standard of living including adequate financial support, decent housing and decent prospects of employment in Ireland

  • Students have an active part to play in promoting and defending all democratic and human rights.

IT Carlow Students’ Union President Lorna is currently IT Carlow’s voting member of USI National Council. National Council is the executive body of the Union.  It meets at least eight times annually and is representative of the leadership of each Students’ Union from all over Ireland, North, and South.  It meets at various locations all over Ireland.

The Officer Board is the body of officers elected by the Congress to enact and realise the policies of the union. Where Congress fails to elect a member of the Officer Board, elections can be held at the National Council. There are 8 elected members of Officer Board. The current President of USI is Siona Cahill and the elected president for 2019/2020 is Lorna Fitzpatrick. IT Carlow is a member of the Southern Region and the current Vice President for the Southern Region within USI is Lorna Fitzpatrick. 

For more information about USI, please check their website