Student Complaints & Appeals Procedure

The Student Complaints and Appeals Procedure aims to ensure a transparent, user-friendly grievance procedure is available to students of the Institute.

The procedure which is available to download below has been established with the aim, where possible, of resolving problems informally and through negotiation between those individuals who are immediately concerned with the matter. The Institute recognises that some issues cannot be resolved by informal means alone and may require intervention by outside parties. The formal procedure is, therefore, available to students should the informal pursuit of a problem at Faculty/Departmental level prove unsatisfactory.

This procedure can be used to resolve issues that may arise between students or between a student and a staff member or if a student has an issue with a department/service.

If you wish to raise a complaint using the Student Complaints and Appeals procedure and require some guidance, don’t hesitate to contact the Vice President for Education & Lifelong Learning Office or the President in the Students’ Union.