Physical Health

Starting out exercising for the first can seem intimidating and confusing, and staying motivated can be even harder! Sometimes there is nothing better than to pig out on your favourite foods but really you should keep things in moderation. But whether you‘re just starting out or you’re an experienced athlete, you’ll find some information below that might help you be more healthy.

Making a Meal Plan

Making a weekly meal plan will make your life a lot easier. Lists can be your best friend if you let them. Plan what groceries you want to buy before going to the store. This way you are less likely to overspend. When putting your list together, remember balance. You recall the saying, too much of one thing is never a good thing? Think of that as your meal planning mantra. Healthy meal planning requires variety and sizing. Taking five minutes at the start of your week to do a list and proper shop means you won’t have to do a mini, mid-week shop, and it’ll help reduce impulse buying. But don’t go shopping hungry whatever you do.

How to plan for 20 mins of exercise a day

Having such busy schedules can always result in the time we have in the evenings, all we want to do is sit down put the feet up and watch our favourite Programme.  We often plan things that help us relax but do we plan the things that help give us energy and improve our health?

Here are a few little Tips for making a plan;

  • Get yourself a diary and set out what you will do over the five days, remember to rest.
  • Set yourself goals.
  • Make sure you have had enough to eat and drink BEFORE you exercise
  • Recruit Friends, they can be great motivators.
  • Figure out if you’re a morning or evening person, Some people prefer to get it out of the way in the morning.

When starting off on a new exercise regime, it can be easy to get bored quickly, so it’s important to mix up the types of exercise you do. 


Getting a good night sleep can work wonders for your physical and mental health. If you’re struggling to sleep over a long period of time, this may lead to more challenges to your physical and mental health.

If you’re regularly struggling to get a good night’s sleep, there are a number of things you can do to improve it.

  • Don’t have any drinks with caffeine in them after 2 pm.
  • Don’t smoke or drink alcohol before bed
  • Go to bed and get up at the same time every day.
  • Avoid looking at any laptops, phones, and other screens for an hour before bed.
  • Make sure your bedroom is completely dark.