July news


July has been a really busy month for us, a proud moment was presenting charities; Barnardos, Womens Aid, and Focus Ireland cheques for €2867.43. We brought local newspaper, the nationalist, for our presentation. This money was raised from 2018/2019 Raise and Give Week. The charities were absolutely thrilled.

Now just a little piece from each officer and their own work for the month of July:

Thomas Drury - President

We have been working very hard on bringing a fresh new look to the Students’ Union. We have got the approval for a few wall designs and fresh new paint work. We can’t wait to have everything set up and ready for when you all return. Whilst doing that we have also been writing this year’s Fresher’s handbook. I have actually thoroughly enjoyed writing my pieces and I look forward to sending the booklet out to print. I love this job #NewSU

Cynthia Hyland - VP for ents and comms

So guys its been a month in the office and it has being a pleasure to have an opportunity like this. So here is an update, now i have finally settled into the office and i still don’t know where half me stuff is but sure look its only a month in. i have recently started planning events for you all with the dinn ri plaza and then our famous freshers week. I am dying to see you all now in September, i think i know the key-board off by heart with all these emails I've been replying to. Not going to lie, sometimes ya just feel like hitting your head off a wall. We have been working so hard on gaining new places to provide student discounts . #NewSU

Ronan Larkin- VP for education and lifelong learning

It’s been a month in, and so far things have been going smoothly. I’ve been busy getting everything organized this year, between budgeting, emailing, planning and structuring.

I’ve already said this to student friends, while my role may seem simple, the strenuous hardship behind the scenes often isn’t visible. For example, a first aid course in the IT. My job looks easy on the day because I just show up and snap some pictures. The hard part of actually organizing a day, company, participants, budgeting etc, all happens long in advance!

I’ve found co-operation within the group has been great. Group decisions have always been made in the fairest way, and our individual strengths tend to bounce off each other nicely.

Most recently I researched Wexford & its campus from top to bottom on how we can all best support & provide for the students down there. #NewSU

Tawnya Foster- VP for welfare and equality

Hi Everyone,

July flew by super quickly! I started the month setting up my office and introducing myself to the role, college staff, and to the other members of my team who I am very happy to be working with this year. During the second week of July, I attended student union training (SUT) in Athlone IT for one week. Here I networked with other welfare officers from students’ unions across the country and got a lot of information about whom I can turn to for help with campaigns and for signposting students onto if they need help. After coming back from SUT I hit the ground running, planning campaigns, and making my welfare & Equality budget for the year. This involved me contacting speakers for workshops, ordering condoms & lube to keep you all safe when having sex during the year, and getting my maths hat on to ensure I was calculating things properly. Also during July, I attended Trans Pride in Dublin and marched in Carlow’s first Pride Festival. I am incredibly grateful to have been able to represent IT Carlow Students’ Union at both of these events. Now August will be another busy month as we set up the union and prepare for all of you to arrive on-campus!

Until next time,