The new 2019/20 Student Union team!

We look forward to seeing you all in September. If you need anything from us until then, you can contact us through the relevant emails below. Also attached is a quick message from the team on their first week.

Thomas Drury President -

For the first week, organisation is key. Setting yourself up properly on the first week allows for plain sailing for the weeks to come. It is also very important students and staff get to know who we are and how to get in touch. We're working very hard on setting up excellent communication with everyone, especially the student body. I'm thoroughly enjoying my first week in office and look forward to all you students coming back in September. See you then.

Cynthia Hyland VP Entertainments and Communications -

My name is Cynthia Hyland and as most of you don’t know we have recently started in office on Monday. To be honest, I was nervous on starting this job but I’m 3 days in now and I can truly say its going to be a great year for everyone. The last 3 days I’ve have been organising some events including freshers week for both Carlow and Wexford campus’ and organising class hoodies and merchandise. I can truly say I cant wait to meet you all.

Tawnya Foster VP for Welfare and Equality -

My name is Tawnya Foster, I recently completed my Honours Bachelors of Business in Human Resources here at IT Carlow. On the first of July I started my new role as the Vice President for Welfare and Equality with ITCSU. The past week has been a whirlwind as I have been setting up my office and organising my calendar. I have been starting to brainstorm some ideas for Sexual Health In First Term (SHIFT) week and working closely with Ronan on creating certain events to be put on throughout the academic calendar. I am really excited for students to start in September and am thankful for the opportunity I have been given to be a representative.

Ronan Larkin VP for Education & LLL -

I’m Ronan and I’m thrilled to be here for a second year as your VP for Education & LLL. Being here for a second year is a great opportunity to look back on what I did and improve upon everything, as well as introducing new ideas that I feel are relevant to the roleand can be met with great results to students. Since ‘restarting’ in July I’ve been planning my calendar to ensure these improved, improvised and new ideas can successfully happen. I really want to maximise the qualityof my service to all students. Alongside the new team, I know that will happen




IT Carlow Students’ Union and Waterford IT Students’ Union have met again today regarding the development of a Students’ Union for the Technological University South East, Ireland. Both Students’ Unions are committed to continuing discussions of our shared values and goals to develop a multi-campus Students’ Union that takes the needs of all our students into consideration.

The combined Students’ Union teams have met on numerous occasions to ensure that the students of Waterford Institute of Technology and the Institute of Technology Carlow are represented throughout the process. ITCSU & WITSU invited the Union of Students in Ireland (USI) to engage in and support the development of a Students’ Union that represents the multi-campus regional spread of our members.

Research has been undertaken by members of both Students’ Unions on national and international models to develop a best practice system that will enhance the discussions around the development of a new Technological University Students’ Union.
WITSU and ITCSU are determined to ensure students are constantly represented in all changes that will take place, including referring to the importance of an independent and autonomous Students’ Union. Together our Students’ Unions have continuously worked to ensure student representation through each Governing Body, which is the highest decision making level within each Institution.

It is imperative to WITSU & ITCSU that students are at the centre of the discussions involving the development of the new Technological University. Both are committed to developing a strong, inclusive and collaborative Students’ Union.

Minister for housing says “Students are political force”

On the morning of the 11th of April, the Minister for Housing, Eoghan Murphy presented amendments to the Residential Tenancies Bill, which writes into law that students in PBSA will no longer see hikes of above 4% year on year Students will fully be able to avail of RTB protections, starting in July.

It has been clarified that college owned accommodation would also be covered in the legislation.

USI welcome the legislation, however note with caution that rents have already reached unaffordable heights with most new builds coming into the market at €230+ per week.

We will continue to fight on this issue