Healthy Eating

During college it may be easy to get takeaways or live off noodles however, maintaining a healthy diet is extremely important to provide you with enough nutrients to fuel yourself for the day.

Healthy Ireland recommends that adults consume between 1,800 and 2,500 calories per day depending on your gender, age, and level of physical activity. That being said, individual needs may vary and it is always wise to consult with a GP or nutritionist to determine your own personal needs.


What is a Recommended Diet?

Vegetables and fruit

  • At least 5-7 per day however more is better.

  • Fruit juices should be limited as they contain a high amount of sugar and less vitamins.

Wholemeal grains, potatoes, or rice

  • 3-5 per day and up to 7 for men age 19-50.

  • Wholemeal and whole grains are recommended.


  • 3 servings per day of low fat items.

  • Cheese should be consumed in small amounts

Meat and Alternatives

  • 2 servings per day of lean meats should be enjoyed.

  • Also in this category are eggs, beans, fish, and nuts.

  • Highly processed salty meats should be limited

Spreads and Oils

  • In small quantities are good.

  • Choose light spreads, olive oil, rapeseed, or canola oils over mayonnaise, and salad dressings that contain oils.

It is recommended that you limit the number of high fat, sugary, and salty items you consume in a week. In “The Food Pyramid” it is recommended that there be only consumed once or twice a week and that they are not necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

How Can I Maintain a Healthy Diet?

  • Plan and prep your meals in advance

  • Make a list for your weekly shop and stick to it

  • Limit the amount of processed, sugar, and salty foods you buy at the shop

  • Keep track of when you are eating meals and what is involved in those meals

  • Drink at least 8 cups of water a day

  • Measure the amount of stuff you are putting into a meal

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