Before sitting any exam, it is vital that you are aware of the examination procedures and regulations for your course which are available in your student handbook.

You should understand the overall examinations process prior to entering the Examination Hall. For examination information and examination timetables you should check the IT Carlow website, as updates will be posted there.

Key tips to remember

  • You must have your Student ID card in order to sit your exam.

  • You are required to be in the examination hall at least 15 minutes before the exam starts.

  • Candidates will not be admitted to the examination in any paper after thirty minutes of the time for that paper has elapsed.

  • Examination halls will close 5 minutes before examination commencement time and candidates who arrive after this time will not be allowed into the hall until 10 minutes after the examination commencement time has elapsed.


  • Your Student Card

  • Pens

  • Calculator (if required)

  • Water


Items such as phones, bags, laptops and coats are not allowed in the Exam Hall.

During Exam time, the Students’ Union sets up a Cloakroom where you can leave your personal belongings while you take your exam. Free of charge, and your items will be guarded by SU Exec staff.

It is strongly advised you leave your items in the SU cloakroom. The Students’ Union holds no responsibility towards lost or stolen items that were not originally left in the cloakroom.


Students who are unable to take an examination or complete an assignment due to extenuating circumstances such as illness/bereavement should submit evidence of the circumstances to the Head of Department.

Such evidence may be taken into account by the Examination Board in assessing the performance of the individual student. However, it must be pointed out that under no circumstances may a student receive marks for an examination or assignment which he/she has not taken.


Examination results will be published online, and all registered students can access their results through the link sent in an email to their student email.

The date for publishing results is available on the academic calendar. You will be required to enter your student ID and password to access your results.

For more information, see the IT Carlow website.

Please note that if there are any fees outstanding, the Institute will withhold a student’s results until payment is received.

IT Carlow Students’ Union will run exam preparation campaigns in the lead up to examinations, so be sure to keep an eye on our social media for more details.


Repeat Exam Results 2019 will be released mid-September

If you failed your end of term exams, you can apply for Repeats which commence from August 26th.

To apply & pay, you must do so via Student Portal (Student login details required).

There is no deadline to apply for a Repeat Exam. However, the cost per module goes from 50 euro to 75 euro after June 28th.

If you are concerned about failing your Repeat Exams, please contact Ronan at sueducation@itcarlow.ie to avail of your options should this happen to you.

If you have any questions relating to exams, please talk to the Vice President for Education & Lifelong Learning by emailing sueducation@itcarlow.ie.