IT Carlow Students’ Union strives to make the student experience inclusive for all. We work both locally and nationally, alongside The Union of Students in Ireland (USI) on a broad range equality issues such as the current fight for women’s bodily autonomy (Repeal the 8th). We are constantly tackling on-going issues such as racism, transphobia and homophobia through campaigns such as Equality & Diversity Week and Welfare Wednesday’s.

IT Carlow Students’ Unions and most other Students’ Unions around the country alongside USI campaigned tirelessly for marriage equality in the Republic of Ireland and will continue to do so for our friends in Northern Ireland until a referendum has passed.

In 2017/18 the SU team secured Gender Neutral Bathrooms in every block on the Carlow Campus and will continue lobby for this much needed change on our satellite campuses Wexford and Wicklow as they continue to expand. In the coming year all of IT Carlow’s Student Charter and Policy will have changed to become gender neutral and inclusive as will IT Carlow Students’ Union documents.

We work alongside the Student Services Access Officer to make sure each room and floor of IT Carlow is accessible to all students with disabilities and are constantly monitoring this throughout the year.

‘No one is equal until there is equality for all’

If you have any questions or thoughts on this, don’t hesitate to contact your Vice President of Welfare & Equality at suwelfare@itcarlow.ie.