During your time in college, you will most likely encounter many different types of drugs and you might be invited to try something. After all some drugs such as alcohol, tobacco, and even over the counter medication are legal to consume and you may have done them already. You may also encounter other drugs which are not legal and although you are always safer not taking drugs, if you decide to take a drug always be aware and think of your safety first. 

What is a Drug and Where do they come from?

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  • Any Chemical which affects how your body works, the way you behave, or how you feel

  • Some drugs such as cannabis and tobacco come from plants

  • Other drugs such as cocaine are made in laboratories

  • Street drugs are often mixed with other ingredients such as herbs, baking powder, talc, anesthetics or caffeine

What are the Drug Laws in Ireland?

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  • Possession of illicit drugs, even for personal use is illegal and could have you criminally convicted

  • Being ‘high’ on illicit drugs is not considered illegal and therefore if you suspect a friend to be in danger after consuming drugs, make sure to get them help.

What Types of Drugs are there?

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  • Hallucinogens: Cannabis, Magic Mushrooms, Methamphetamine, Ketamine, Ecstasy

  • Opioids: Methadone, Heroin

  • Sedatives: Cannabis, Ketamine, GHB, Alcohol

  • Solvents: Gas, Aerosols

  • Stimulants: Cocaine, Speed, Ecstasy, Tobacco, Poppers

  • Headshop: “Legal highs” such as smoke, pills, powders, Kratom 

  • Over-the Counter: Paracetamol, Aspirin

How long does a Drug Stay in your System?

Drug use can be determined through testing urine, blood, or the hair follicle. The length of detection can vary depending on the type of test, dose, tolerance, strength of the drug, metabolism, and existence of medical conditions. For a guideline, here are the most common lengths of detection for drug use.

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  • Alcohol: 3-5 days in urine, 10-12 hours in blood

  • Cannabis: 7-30 days in urine, up to 2 weeks in blood

  • Cocaine: 3-4 days in urine, 1-2days in blood

  • Ecstasy (MDMA): 3-4 days in urine, 1-2 days in blood

  • LSD: 1-3 days in urine, 2-3 hours in blood

How Can I reduce Harm with Drugs?

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  • Avoid mixing drugs include mixing with alcohol

  • Know where the drug has been sourced

  • Test a small dose and wait at least two hours before having more

  • Use your own sterile needles, pipes, or straws

  • Let someone you trust know that you are going to be using drugs

  • If you or a friend becomes unwell, seek medical help

For More information about drugs, visit Drugs.ie. For assistance with drug addiction contact the Anna Liffey Drug Project helpline at 1800 78 68 28