Technological University Process


The Governing Bodies of both Institute of Technology Carlow and Waterford Institute of Technology have agreed to recommence discussions on the creation of a Technological University of the South East. Both South East Institutes are committed to delivering a university of international standing for the region in support of economic and social development.

Following a joint application by Carlow and Waterford Institutes of Technology to the HEA  for funding to support the creation of a support infrastructure in line with the recommendations of the Kelly report – Engagement and Consultation Process on a Technological University for the South East, €1.5 million was allocated to the South East Technological University Project.

South East Technological University moves closer to becoming a reality

Efforts to create the much needed South East University have stepped up a gear with the formal announcement by the two institutes of technology in the region of their intention to submit a detailed business plan for the Technological University to the Higher Education Authority early next year.

Download the Kelly Report – Engagement and Consultation Process on a Technological University for the South East

IT Carlow Students’ Union and Waterford IT Students’ Union have met again today regarding the development of a Students’ Union for the Technological University South East, Ireland. Both Students’ Unions are committed to continuing discussions of our shared values and goals to develop a multi-campus Students’ Union that takes the needs of all our students into consideration.

The combined Students’ Union teams have met on numerous occasions to ensure that the students of Waterford Institute of Technology and the Institute of Technology Carlow are represented throughout the process. ITCSU & WITSU invited the Union of Students in Ireland (USI) to engage in and support the development of a Students’ Union that represents the multi-campus regional spread of our members.

Research has been undertaken by members of both Students’ Unions on national and international models to develop a best practice system that will enhance the discussions around the development of a new Technological University Students’ Union.
WITSU and ITCSU are determined to ensure students are constantly represented in all changes that will take place, including referring to the importance of an independent and autonomous Students’ Union. Together our Students’ Unions have continuously worked to ensure student representation through each Governing Body, which is the highest decision making level within each Institution.

It is imperative to WITSU & ITCSU that students are at the centre of the discussions involving the development of the new Technological University. Both are committed to developing a strong, inclusive and collaborative Students’ Union.