What is a Class Representative?

Well, it is exactly what it says! It means being a representative for your class. The class representative will be the chief spokesperson for your class. Each class representative is a member of the Students’ Union Council which takes place once a month.

How do I become a Class Representative?

Pick up a nomination form in the Students’ Union Administration Office or email admin_su@itcarlow.ie to receive a nomination form. If you have been elected by your class, you can also register as a class representative using this link.

Why should I become a Class Representative?

As a class representative, you will develop and grow skills that will be beneficial to you both while attending college and after college. Employers are always impressed by anyone who has been involved in a leadership role during their time in college. You can improve the quality of your Course by ensuring any problems are dealt with quickly and effectively. There are a couple of freebies too!

What is involved in being a Class Representative?

Being a class representative means occupying a variety of roles, which will vary for each class, department, and school. However, regardless of the differences between courses, class representatives have a bond through some of the basic and general duties and responsibilities that each class rep should fulfill.

  1. Attending Class Representative Council: Class Representative Council meetings will be held on a monthly basis. They are 1 hour long and are an opportunity for you to voice your concerns, bring motions forward & mandate SU Exec Officers to work on certain tasks. You also have the opportunity to question any SU Exec Officer on anything within their Officer Report. You are also responsible for communicating what happens at Class Rep Council back to your class.
  2. Consult your class: You will need to talk to your class to know what they are experiencing and if there is anything they require you to bring forward to an SU Exec Officer or to Class Representative Council. You need to have support from the majority of the class to do certain Otherwise, you are not representing your class correctly. If you feel something is really important, and you do not have your classes support, come to talk to an SU Exec Officer for advice.
  3. Representing your class at Academic Level: This can be anything from dealing with lecturers on timetabling, workload and other issues, as well as representing your class on Programme Board Meetings.
  4. Raise issues with the SU Exec Officers: If your class is experiencing any issues, you are responsible for alerting the SU Executive Officers, who will advise you on how to find a suitable solution.
  5. Promote events with your class: Let your classmates & friends know about events and campaigns organised by IT Carlow Students’ Union. You can also organise your own class parties for your class throughout the year.
  6. Referral: There may be times throughout the year when someone in your class is experiencing difficulty with someone or something. The issue may be college related or a personal issue, it’s vital to refer them to someone who will be able to help them in a more effective manner. Take the time to listen, but you are not trained to handle these situations so don’t take on more than you are required to.