What is a Class Representative?

Someone who takes on responsibility to represent their class in a variety of ways.

What is involved in being a Class Representative?

  • Raising issues in your class to SU Staff

  • Promoting events

  • Organising fun things with your class, like hoodies & bonding sessions

  • Referring classmates to someone who can solve their problem more effectively

  • Attending Class Rep Council

  • Communicating what happens at Class Rep Council back to your classmates.

  • Creating a group-chat for your class on Messenger or Whats App. (If using Whats App, please ensure you have each classmate’s permission to add them in). This is especially useful for when sudden events like a class cancellation occurs.

benefits of being a class rep

  • Develop your skills in communication, problem solving, initiative & time management

  • Looks impressive on a CV ~ gives you an extra opportunity to sell yourself in a job interview

  • Build a bigger connection with your class and the Students’ Union

  • Having the responsibilities that come with being a Rep (listed above)

How do I become a Class Representative?

You can apply by signing your name & student number on a sign-up sheet in the Students’ Union. From there, the VP for Education & Life Long Learning will email you a link to fill out further details which will fully confirm you as a Rep.

From mid-September to October 1st, the Students’ Union will be hosting a campaign to encourage as many people as possible to represent their class as a Class Rep. You may still apply to become a Rep after this date, but it is strongly advised you apply beforehand to ensure you don’t miss Class Rep Training.

how many reps in a class?

Ideally, there should be 1 Class Rep per 15 students. So if there’s 30 students in your class, there should be 2 Reps, if there’s around 45 students there should be 3 Reps etc.

who elects a rep?

Depending on the size of your class, your class should hold a small election to decide who becomes the Rep(s). Your lecturer will generally assist with this.

If however only one student wants to become the Class Rep, and there is no opposition towards this, no class election is needed,

What is class rep training?

Quite literally, a training session to help teach you the basics and understandings of being a Class Rep. This is a workshop that will occur on both campuses.

It is well worth attending, as during this time you will get to meet and speak with all SU Exec Officers, both full time & part time.

If you miss Class Rep Training, you can arrange a one to one session with Ronan, by contacting him at sueducation@itcarlow.ie. Additionally a second Class Rep Training session will be held after the Christmas Holidays.


This is an hour long monthly meeting where Class Reps and the SU Exec Team meet together to discuss various issues and agendas.

At CRC, you can question the SU staff about anything on their Officer Report. This is a diary of our completed, ongoing & upcoming items, which is sent to you along with the CRC Agenda a week in advance.

If you or a classmate would like to see something changed, introduced or improved upon, you can bring this request to CRC in the form of a motion. You must communicate what happens at CRC to your classmates, and ask them if they would like anything submitted to it.

Typically, CRC is held on the last week of each month. But the specific date and time for Class Rep Council is decided on a majority vote.

For both campuses, Ronan sends out a list of potential days with available room time slots on both the Class Rep Facebook Group & the Email list. The date/time with the most votes becomes the agreed date for Class Rep Council.

If you have any questions about anything to do with Class Reps, please email Ronan at sueducation@itcarlow.ie