Together with USI (Union of Students Ireland), we consistently fight for Student rights, a more highlighted right being a right to affordable housing.

Our goals are,

  • Publicly funded education

  • Affordable Student housing

  • Student Grants to increase to keep up with rising costs of student life

Our country’s TD’s are completely out of touch when it comes to these issues, as evident with most recent statements, these statements being,

“Families who cannot afford to send their children to university should consider more affordable options in regional colleges,” - Minister for Education Joe McHugh.

Higher Education Minister Mary Mitchell O’Connor had also recently told students to use their grants to cover the rising costs of rent.

Students in Ireland are paying the second highest fees in the EU.

Alongside USI & other Student Unions, we will be engaging with local elected representatives, TD's and Senators in the coming months ahead of an action on the streets of Dublin in October 3rd. More info on that will be revealed in due time!