While at college, you may choose to drink alcohol. This is your decision to make, and it should be yours alone, you should not feel pressured into drinking alcohol. It is important to remember that you do not need to drink alcohol and you have the right to enjoy your time in college without drinking alcohol.

However, if you choose to drink, it is important you remember the effects of alcohol on your body. It is also vital that you stay safe and well.

Alcohol can have really negative effects on your health, so it is important to know the effects of alcohol before you drink. It is also important that you know how it affects your ability to make decisions.

If you have been out the night before you need to make sure your system is alcohol-free before getting into drive your car the next morning. According to the RSA, a person gets rid of roughly one standard measure of alcohol per hour, a standard measure is outlined in the image below. 

Be sure to check out the following websites for more information

Alcohol Action Ireland

The Union of Students in Ireland (USI) has an Alcohol Harm Reduction Strategy which is available here.