Moving away from home is an exciting time however finding a place to live while attending college can become stressful. Here are a few tips to help in your search for suitable accommodation.

Where can you Find Accommodation?


“Student House Share Carlow” Facebook Page

Letting Agents (Ensure they are PSRA licensed)

Word of Mouth

Before Renting, What Should I Look For?

1.    View the property before you make a commitment or put down a deposit. If possible, try to find a trusted family member or friend to view properties with for your own safety and so that you have a second opinion.

2.    Ensure you know what is included in the cost of rent and what you have to cover. If there are other bills in addition to the cost of rent, ensure you ask how much those bills will be and to whom you will expected to pay these bills.

3.    When viewing a property ensure to take time and check that all the electrical and gas appliances are in good working order.

4.    Be aware of rent scams! Ensure that when you hand over money you get keys that work.

5.    Make sure to read your contract carefully before signing it. Only sign the contract for time you are planning on staying.

6.    When paying a deposit try to pay it through electronic means so that you have a paper trail in case anything happens. If you are handing over cash, ensure to get a receipt and request a rent book.

7.    If you are living in Diggs-style accommodation, ask what access you have within the house. For example, figure out if you can use the living space, kitchen, laundry facilities etc.

8.    Find out if there are other students who are living in the place for the coming term or who have previously lived there so that you have an idea as to how the contact has been from their point of view.

What are My Rights While Living in Accommodation?

1.    Property be in good working condition (appliances, electrical, heating all work)

2.    Provided a record that rent has been paid (can be either electronic or rent book)

3.    Given at least 90days’ notice that there will be an increase in rent rates

4.    Be notified from the landowner if they are going to enter the dwelling (except in emergencies)

5.    Able to contact landowner at any reasonable time

6.    Receive valid notice of termination before the end of a tenancy

If I Have an Issue with Accommodation, Where can I Go?

microphone 1.png

1.    If you are living in a self-catered room including student accommodation, you can lodge a complaint with the Residential Tenancies Board (RTB)

2.    Contact Threshold 1800 454 454 Monday-Friday 9:00am-9:00pm

3.    If you are in need of emergency accommodation, contact Threshold 1800 707 707 Monday-Friday 2:00pm-2:00am or on weekends 10:00am-2:00am

Click here to view the USI Accommodation & Finance Guide and Click here to view the RTB Good Landlord/Tenant Guide.

To get more information about accommodation contact your Vice President of Welfare & Equality, Tawnya Foster at