About Us

IT Carlow’s Students’ Union is a representative organisation which supports, defends, and collaborates with all registered students of IT Carlow. Becoming a registered student at IT Carlow means you automatically become a member of our Students’ Union. We are run by you, the students, for you, the students!

In line with IT Carlow Students’ Union Constitution, unless otherwise requested, every registered student of IT Carlow is an automatic member of IT Carlow Students’ Union.

Students’ Union Structure


Student Body

The student body is made up of all registered students at IT Carlow. The student body is the supreme decision-making body within the Students’ Union. The student body have their say in important matters that affect students within the IT and on a national level.

Class Representative Council (CRC)

Every class in the Institute should be represented by a class representative at class rep council. The number of class representatives depends on the size of the class group. CRC consist of all registered class representatives and the executive committee of the Student’s Union. Officer reports will be presented in both text and video form to ensure you all know and understand what work the Students’ Union is doing for you. CRC occurs monthly and gives class reps the power to change Student Union policy and question the work of the executive committee.

The Executive Committee

The Executive Committee consists of all elected officers in the Students Union. This committee meets on a weekly basis to develop and improve policies for the best student experience. If you don’t feel we’re doing our job right, don’t hesitate to bring it up at class rep council.