Your Union

IT Carlow Students’ Union is your union, it is a democratic organisation that works on behalf of all registered students in IT Carlow.

We have a social space, located in the Barrow Centre in IT Carlow. There are pool tables, TV screens, PS4 with different games and a large seating area.

Our job is to try to make sure you have the best student experience possible. We try to do that by exploring many different avenues.

Our Entertainments Officer is responsible for all on and off campus events such as Freshers week and Raise & Give Week. There are also many other events throughout the year that we run to give you a break from the books so you can have a bit of fun.

Or Education & Welfare Officer runs many different engaging campaigns throughout the year such as Mind your Mind and Mind your Body weeks, which encourage you to take care of your physical and mental health. There are other campaigns such as Equality & Diversity Week, Sexual Health Awareness & Guidance Week and many many more. These campaigns aim to inform you about many different topics so that you can make an educated decision if you ever find yourself needing to.

The President of the Students’ Union sits on various committees both within IT Carlow and on a National Level. The President works to ensure that your educational experience is te best it can be while ensuring that your rights as a student are being protected. The President sits on Academic Council and Governing Body to ensure that the Institute is always acting in a way that is student-centered and that all decisions are favorable to students.

Some information about what the Students’ Union achieved so far in 2016-2017

  • This year, we ran a constitutional referendum, which was passed by 98%. IT Carlow Students’ Union now has an up to date and relevant Consitution that accurately represents the needs of the students it works for
  • We produced a mental health video that has more than 8,400 views asking students to take some time to recognise what gets them down and showing them that there are hundreds of ways to relieve stress and get help
  • We launched a partnership with Dash Cabs and Carlow Cabs to ensure students could get home safely if they had no phone or cash on them.
  • We ran a very successful Mock Wedding, congrats to the bride Nicole and groom Stuart!
  • Launched the brand new student magazine, “The College Knowledge” which is a monthly publication
  • The first ever Christmas Day on Campus took off in December, where Santa and the Elves ran around giving out presents to students.
  • Updated many policies and procedures that affect students on a regular basis including Examination review or recheck policy and the student complaints and appeals procedure
  • We rallied together and marched in Dublin against the introduction of an income-contingent loan scheme alongside other Students’ Unions and the Union of Students in Ireland (USI)
  • Ran many fundraising events such as a charity football match, bucket collections and a crazy hair day
  • Launched a new off-campus student event “Roots”
  • Re-structured our Class Representative System and increased the number of Class Representatives by 40%
  • Had the biggest acts for Raise & Give week in history!
  • Ran voter registration drives to ensure students can have their say in General Elections and Referendums
  • Ran an Exam De-Stress Campaign in December for students sitting exams before the Christmas break
  • Launched UV spinning in collaboration with the Sports Office and the Gym