Equality & Diversity Week 2017

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Today we kick off our most anticipated campaign week of the year; Equality & Diversity Week. We will be addressing a wide range of issues this year and have set up events and informational stands to better explain each of them. 

Our biggest event of the week is ‘Lets Talk About Ch8ice‘ on Wednesday 22nd from 3-5pm where we will be talking about the 8th Amendment and how it has negatively affected students of Ireland since its implementation. Our guest speakers include Michelle Byrne; Southern Region Officer of USI and former President of WIT Students’ Union, Siona Cahill; Deputy President of USI and the Vice President for Equality & Citizenship as well as Chair of Students For Choice, Ailbhe Smyth; Veteran of the Repeal Movement and convenor for the Coalition to Repeal the Eighth Amendment, Amensty International; It’s Time. Repeal the 8th speaker. Tickets are now available on the main campus and Students’ Union, free of charge for all students. It is highly recommended that all students who can attend, do. With a referendum only around the corner we need our student body informed and mobilised.

This week we launch the exciting news that Gender Neutral Bathrooms have been secured on the Carlow Campus and will appear in each block, these bathrooms will available alongside Gender Specific Bathrooms in the coming weeks for all Trans* and Non-Binary students of IT Carlow.

The long wait for UV Spinning to come back is over, this Wednesday we will be back on our bikes  at 5.20pm in the Spinning Room located in the Barrow Centre.



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