IT Carlow Students’ Union Voter Registration 2017/18

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As student voter registration drives country-wide draw to a close, ITCSU can confirm that throughout the academic year 2017/18 alone – 1412 registered students of IT Carlow have registered to vote ahead of the upcoming referendum on May 25th, that is 19% of our student population.

 In recent voter reg drives, the Union has been continuously encouraging students who may be attending Life Festival 2018 to register at the address they plan to depart from, be it student accommodation or home address and ensure to cast their vote before leaving for the festival.

During the two days of induction week when the possibility of a referendum date being announced for 2018 was looming, ITCSU registered 1,006 incoming students – many of whom were coming straight from second level education and have never had the opportunity to vote before.

The breakdown of students registered is outlined below;

Although voter registration drives have ended on campus, ITCSU is urging any students still not registered to vote to register in their own time before the 8th of May as the upcoming referendum is undeniably a student issue.

Without the endless support and presence of local An Garda Síochána in recent weeks, we could not possibly have ensured this many students got registered to vote as quickly and easily as they did.


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