Accommodation Types

There are typically two types of accommodation available to students in Carlow; these include shared houses/apartments or lodgings/digs.

If you are unsure which of the options available is most suited for you, you should view both before making a decision.

Shared Houses/Apartments

There are many privately rented houses and apartments in Carlow that are in close proximity to the college. When renting a property, you can rent a room or else you can rent the property as a group. Ensure you know which option suits you best as if you do not know the other tenants, you may prefer to opt for a room only rental as otherwise, the group is responsible for any monies owed or damage caused to the property.

It is important to look at the accommodation tips prior to signing any contract for accommodation or paying a deposit.


Lodgings/Digs are where you move into another person/families home. With this type of property, certain things such as bills may be included in the rent; it is important to ask before signing a lease or paying a deposit. Some lodgings/digs will offer food, but others are self-catering.

This can sometimes be the cheaper option, and some people feel more secure living in lodgings/digs. However, lodgings/digs may not be the most suitable option if you wish to have gatherings.


 IT Carlow Student’s Union does not advertise accommodation, however, if you refer to the IT Carlow website on accommodation, you will see a number of agencies and websites that may be useful. Accommodation is also advertised on the notice boards around the college. There is a Facebook page “Student House Share Carlow” that you may find helpful when searching for accommodation.